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Thulani Spa Signature Massage

The treatment starts with a heated herbal stone back massage moving down your body where the Intonga Sticks are skillfully used on your feet and finally culminates in a stress relieving Indian Head massage.

Intuitive Herbal Oil Back / Body Massage

Choose from muscle relaxing, cellulite/detox, or body energizing blend of massage oils which are warmly applied and massaged deeply into the body combined with a warm compress to improve blood circulation and absorption of essential oils.

Heated Herbal Stone Back / Body Massage

Using volcanic basalt rock that retains heat and enables its sun charged properties to penetrate deep into stressed muscles. Stones are placed on pressure points to soothe the nerve ending and balance energy by releasing any emotional blockages. An Aromatheraputic shea is selected best suited to be in harmony with you and nourish and protect and hydrate the skin.

Shea Aromatheraputics Back / Body Massage

This treatment begins with the selection of your mood enhancing Shea and the cleansing of your energy field followed by the comfort of a warm aromatic compress before the therapeutic massage begins and finishing off by balancing your energy and sound therapy to rejuvenate your mind.

Body Massage
Thulani Spa Signature Body Massage 60 Minutes R700
Intuitive Herbal Oil Back / Body Massage  45 Minutes R380
   75 Minutes    R750
Heated Herbal Stone Back / Body Massage 45 Minutes R600
90 Minutes R800
Soul Of Africa Conditioning Back / Body Massage 45 Minutes R600
90 Minutes R850
Shea Aromatheraputic Back / Body Massage 45 Minutes R380
90 Minutes R700
 Matsimela Body Butter Massage with a Baobab Sugar Scrub Exfoliation  60 Minutes R550
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